About Tanishka

tanishka: /noun/|sanskrit| 1. goddess of gold

​Established in 2018, I began Tanishka Jewellery with the aim of creating a brand oriented around classy, timeless, yet affordable bespoke pieces.

We all love wearing pretty things (especially if they're shiny), but longevity is just as important. This value for long-wearing, durable materials informs the precious metals and stones highlighted in Tanishka jewellery pieces. 

A fascination with traditional fine art and an Indian heritage are also elements which inspire much of my little brand's design. From intricate gold silhouettes reminiscent of South-Asian jewellery, to more minimal designs that nod to Western patterns, I hope the pieces speak true to the fusion of cultures that defined my own upbringing.

​I'm positive you'll find the perfect piece just for you, and if you ever need a hand, just get in touch!

Thank you for the support as always

Yours with love,