About Tanishka

/noun/ |sanskrit| 1. goddess of gold
Established in 2018, I began Tanishka jewellery began with the aim of creating a brand oriented around classy, timeless, yet affordable bespoke pieces.
The idea of wearing jewellery lays ancient roots, but one thing is for certain; it seems instinct to adorn oneself with that which is precious. As such, this appreciation for valued materials underpins all the metals and stones highlighted in Tanishka jewellery pieces.
A fascination with traditional fine art and an Indian heritage are also elements which form the bedrock for much of the brand's design. From the intricate gold silhouettes reminiscent of South-Asian jewellery, to the more minimal designs that nod to Western patterns, I hope the pieces speak true to the fusion of cultures that defined my own upbringing.
No matter what your style, I'm confident we can help you find something perfect, so be sure to reach out if you need a hand at all.
And as always - thank you for the support.